Sunday, February 09, 2014

Just add winter

I have knitting, baking and my own little Eureka marathon, but I'm missing something. That's right, winter. I love nothing more than sitting in front of the fire with my knitting. But sadly it is currently 34c/93F and set to reach 37c/99F.

So instead of a fire, I have the a/c on. And, instead of a hot cup of tea, I have a cold glass of iced tea.

And a piece of orange and poppy seed cake. I feel that Sunday is a perfect day to bake because I can take the leftovers to work. The joy of baking with half the guilt.


Dorothy said...

Outside in Canberra is currently 36c. Thank goodness for aircon eh? That orange and poppy seed cake looks good. xox

Kylie said...

Thank you Dorothy. I really feel for those without a/c. I'm really looking forward to winter lol.

Alex said...

Ohhhh Bring on Winter!!! I just know I'll get more cross stitching done when it cools down. We should scrape Summer altogether lol

Kylie Ericoli said...

I wish we could just skip summer :)